Permanent magnet motor for belt conveyor

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  • Permanent magnet motor for belt conveyor
  • Permanent magnet motor for belt conveyor
Permanent magnet motor for belt conveyor

In the context of the domestic "dual carbon" target and the characteristics of belt conveyors (such as large speed range, large output torque, long transmission chain, and high operating current), a permanent magnet transformation plan has been made to improve equipment reliability and maintenance, while also significantly improving the overall efficiency and energy-saving of the belt conveyor drive system.

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Product introduction

一、 Renovation plan

1. "Direct drive permanent magnet motor+frequency converter" replaces "asynchronous motor+reducer"

2. Direct drive permanent magnet motor direct connected belt conveyor, variable frequency starting, and variable frequency operation according to load characteristics.

二、 Product features

1. Permanent magnet drive, coaxial transmission, without gearbox;

2. Variable frequency speed regulation, wide efficient range, high efficiency, and high control accuracy;

3. The driving system has high efficiency, with an increase of 10% to 15% compared to the original system efficiency

三、 Product advantages

1. High reliability

(1) Eliminate the risk of downtime caused by gear failures;

(2) Eliminate vibrations caused by eccentric gear installation;

(3) Effectively reduce the temperature rise of the drive system.

2. High energy efficiency

(1) High efficiency and high power factor of permanent magnet motors. Efficiency improvement by 2%~5%

(2) No gearbox transmission, the motor directly outputs torque to the belt conveyor coaxially, reducing transmission losses. Efficiency improvement by 8%~10%

3. Light maintenance

(1) Removing the gearbox fundamentally solves maintenance, minor repairs, major repairs, and other tasks related to the gearbox

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