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Message From The Chairman

Jiamusi Explosion proof Motor Co., Ltd. was restructured and established in April 2001 by Jiamusi Motor Factory, which implemented a modern enterprise system at the end of 2000. It is an explosion-proof motor and explosion-proof electrical appliance manufacturing company that integrates scientific research, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales service. The company is located at 418 Jianguo Street, Dongfeng District, Jiamusi City, covering an area of 43000 square meters. It currently has 386 employees, including 62 engineering and technical personnel, and has more than 570 sets of various processing and inspection equipment.

The company has specialized motor testing equipment such as 3-meter VPI vacuum pressure impregnation equipment, YYW-1000 10 ton high-speed dynamic balancing machine, large-scale drying equipment, large-scale CNC machine processing equipment, and high and low voltage test benches, all of which meet domestic standards. At present, the large-scale test bench has been accepted and can perform factory and type tests on 10KV and 8000KW motors. To provide comprehensive guarantees for the factory performance and electrical data of high-voltage motors.

The company has successively passed the ISO9001:2000 standard quality management system certification, Russian explosion-proof product certification, coal mine safety product certification, safety standardization system certification, CCC product certification, and various explosion-proof product qualification certifications. The new energy-saving motor products meet the requirements of national energy efficiency standards and are registered on the National Energy Efficiency Labeling Network. The company is a designated supplier of explosion-proof lifting motors for the four major satellite launch centers of the Ministry of Space, Rocket Force (formerly known as the Second Artillery), Ministry of Nuclear Industry, Navy 703 Institute, aircraft carriers, destroyers, and other magnetic starters. The company is also a member of the China Petrochemical Material Market, a first-class supplier of China National Petroleum Corporation, China National Petroleum Corporation, and China National Offshore Oil Corporation. The company always adheres to the concept of product development and innovation, and a large number of new products are launched every year to meet the needs of market development.

Over the years, the company has developed multiple series of products to meet the requirements of market development. The main series are as follows:

Low voltage explosion-proof, ordinary motor models: YBX3, YBX4, YBX5, YE3, YE4, YE5, YFB3, YBBX4, YBBX5, YBBT3, YBPT4, YBPT5, YBF3, YZ, YZR, YZP, YBZ, YBZE, YBZP, YBZS, YBZS, YBZSE, and other series.

High voltage explosion-proof, ordinary motor models: Y, Y2, Y3, YB2, YB3, YBX3, YBPP, YKK, YXKK, YKKPT, YRKK series, etc.

Our products have over 180 series, 1660 varieties, and over 3000 specifications, with an annual production capacity of 1.8 million KW. The product is applied in fields such as petroleum, chemical industry, coal, aerospace, military industry, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, water conservancy, and grain, covering all provinces, cities, and autonomous regions in China (except for Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan). Directly or indirectly exporting to multiple countries including Pakistan, Russia, France, North Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.

The company always adheres to the principle of customer first, leading in quality, and providing users with excellent and reliable products. With strict management systems, sound quality assurance systems, and comprehensive after-sales services, it better meets the needs of users. In the future, we will work together with colleagues in various fields to develop together.

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